Finding the right WhatsApp mod may be hard if you have so many options. Here we have OGWhatsApp APK which is a well-known WhatsApp mod used for chatting. Using this app will not only let you chat with others, but you will also get many extra features that can not be found in the official WhatsApp.

To learn more about OG WhatsApp, read this post from beginning to end.



OGWhatsApp is a popular app based on the official WhatsApp. The app was built to give users all of the features that they requested from the original WhatsApp. However, the official apps were unable to do so, therefore third-party developers tried to recreate it with this mod.

When it comes to features you’ll be amazed to see how many more features are included that were not there in the original app. Also, it has the same appearance and user experience, making it easier for individuals to use the original WhatsApp.

Developers of OGWhatsApp

There are other developers of OGWhatsApp; however, we will focus on two important developers who built their very own versions of the mod.

OGWhatsApp developed by AlexMods

After noticing user demands for WhatsApp improvements, AlexMods attempted to develop their WhatsApp with numerous extra features. This made their efforts effective, and people liked their version.

OGWhatsApp by HeyMods: Discontinued

Following the successful debut of OG WhatsApp, HeyMods attempted to develop their version of the app. It drew many people’s attention by adding new features, and it has been in use ever since.

OGWhatsApp Features

  • OG Themes – There are several themes available for WhatsApp, allowing you to customize the appearance of your app.
  • Send stickers – The app also allows you to select different stickers to make your chat more colorful.
  • In-built lock – There is an option to lock your WhatsApp so that others cannot see your discussions.
  • DND mode – Disconnect your internet for WhatsApp so that no one may bother you by sending messages using this app.
  • Best Emoji Collection – This app provides an extensive range of emojis for you to use in your discussions.
  • Show blue ticks when you reply – The other person will not receive blue ticks unless you respond to them.
  • Backup & Restore – You will be able to generate backups of your data and recover them later.
  • Block unwanted calls – If you are disturbed by unwelcome calls, you may block them as well.
  • Change Icons – If you have this modified version installed on your phone, you can modify your WhatsApp icon.
  • Change font style – Using the many choices provided, you can make your WhatsApp fonts distinctive.
  • Hide Last Seen – If you don’t want to see the last time you used the app, you may hide it.
  • Freeze Last Seen – If you do not wish to show off your last seen, you can freeze it to confuse people.
  • Anti-delete messages – If you did not read a message and it was deleted, it will still be available in the original WhatsApp.
  • Anti-Delete Status – You may also see the status of any contacts that were removed before the 24-hour mark.
  • Send large videos – You may now send huge videos to others without having to divide them into smaller parts.
  • Save Status – If you have OGWhatsApp installed on your phone, you won’t need to utilize any additional apps to store the status of your contacts.
  • Different Language Support – In addition, OGWhatsApp supports a variety of languages.
  • Send a full-resolution image – With the help of this amazing app, you will be able to share photos without them blurring.
  • Disable Audio Playing Notification – If you do not like the sound of an audio playing notification, you may disable it on OG WhatsApp.
  • Custom Wallpaper for Each Contact – The app allows you to create personalized wallpapers for each of your contacts.

How Do I Download and Install OG WhatsApp APK?

It is simple to download third-party apps. However, if this is your first visit, let us walk you through the easy steps to download this app.

  1. Click the download icon to get OGWhatsApp.
  2. Make sure your download is complete.
  3. To enable unknown sources, go to your device’s settings.
  4. Open the APK file for this app and begin installing it.
  5. Simply register your phone number and use this app without any issues.

Cons of using OGWhatsApp:

Using OGWhatsApp might be harmful because it was not produced by the official WhatsApp team. Furthermore, it is not available on the Play Store, making it questionable to use. Using these applications may also compromise your personal data and information.


Who Created the OG WhatsApp?

This is a WhatsApp mod built by the well-known third-party developer AlexMODs.

Is OGWhatsapp safe to use?

Using OGWhatsApp may be unsafe because it was not created by official WhatsApp developers.

How can I upgrade the original WhatsApp?

You may quickly upgrade your OGWhatsApp by visiting this website anytime the application requires an update.


To overcome the limitations of the official WhatsApp, OGWhatsApp is the best option. So, what do you think about this guide? Please share your useful input on this tutorial in the comments area.


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